The MacGeoghegan Family Society was founded in the late 1980's. It is registered with The Clans of Ireland Ltd.  which makes it the officially recognised Geoghegan Clan in Ireland. From the time of its founding through the early 1990's the society had about 500 members and issued several newsletters. Up to the year 2000 the peak of its efforts was a grand family gathering in CastletownGeoghegan in 1992, at which we inaugurated Jack Gargan as head of the family - The MacGeoghegan. However ....

Clan MacGeoghegan 2000
Most probably because of the interest in the clan reunion in Westmeath, the society has again become active. We did hold a successful reunion (see here for pictures). More than just the fun involved, we elected a new clan chieftain - Jim Geoghegan
The other officers are

Our constitution calls for the Society to promote the Family History and our two Genealogists are hard at work recording all available data regarding family names which are available to our members at no cost. Contact them for help and please send them whatever pedigrees/information you may have. John Gagin is in the process of scanning family history documents into electronic form and making them available on Cd's so as to preserve our history and make it available to all members. He would be happy to scan in any documents you might be willing to loan us and put them on CD. Eventually we expect to have this indexed and on line. Pat Cusack is our Clan Historian and is in the process of writing a book on the family history.
We expect to donate a complete copy of the family records and history to the Irish Genealogical Society at Dun Laoghaire.
Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Joseph Gahagan and Pat Gagin, the Clan had a very active presence at the Milwaukee Irish Festival this past August. Dr. Joe dedicated his poetry reading to our Clan.
Thanks to the efforts of Joe, Eddie, and Fred Geoghegan, the Clan will make a donation towards restoring the missing tombstone of one of the Clan's most illustrious members - Jack " the Buck" Geoghegan. We also going to make an attempt to get some of the Clan historical sites officially recognized before they fall into complete disrepair and are lost forever.
The Clan has resumed publishing a quarterly newsletter, both in e-mail format and in print. It contains general information, history, and requests for information by members. We have introduced two prices for membership based on our costs for mailing and printing - $15 US for Email members and $20 US for print members (note: as of May 2001 we now also offer lifetime membership for a once-off fee of $100). We have actively canvassed the internet for each and every Geoghegan (and all variants) to insure everyone is aware of the changes and has an opportunity to join us. To date, 44 families have done so - and more on the way. Each member family is sent a suitable for framing membership certificate.
We are hoping that all possible members and friends will join us for the Worldwide Reunion scheduled for July of 2005. Hopefully, in the interim, regional get togethers will be scheduled and we can alert you to them.

Seamus Mac Eochagáin (Jim Geoghegan), Clan Chieftain - email


Mission Statement

The mission of the MacGeoghegan Family Society is to honor, preserve and promote the royal and ancient lineage of the MacGeoghegan Clan through scholarship, genealogical research and worldwide outreach to related and variant families to ensure and restore the spirit and vibrancy of the MacGeoghegan Clan in Ireland and abroad.


The name of this Society shall be MacGeoghegan Family Society (hereinafter “Society”).

ARTICLE II - Objectives

A. The objectives and purposes for which this Society is organized are:

  1. To preserve and make available for genealogical research the records of our ancestors, regardless of surname derivative;

  2. To encourage and assist members in genealogical research;
  3. To promote the exchange of such genealogical knowledge between members;
  4. To encourage the deposit of genealogical records in established libraries and archives;
  5. To publish a genealogical newsletter, bulletin, or magazine on a quarterly basis;
  6. To plan and promote Society functions and gatherings;
  7. To identify and recruit new members of the Society;
  8. To represent the Clan at all official Irish Clan gathering, meetings and / or functions;
  9. To solicit, accept, and collect donations and membership dues on behalf of the Society;
  10. To take title to any real or personal property necessary to the performance of these objectives;
  11. To secure special and beneficial commercial discounts for members.

ARTICLE III - Clan Governing Board

A. The Clan Governing Board shall be composed of the Officers of the Society. The Clan Chieftain shall be an ex officio member of the Clan Governing Board and may participate in all debates but shall vote only in the event of a tie. The Clan Governing Board shall plan the work of the Society, set membership dues, and determine policies to be adopted, and transact general business. They shall make appointments to fill vacancies in office and vote on all disbursements for necessary expenses. Meetings of the Clan Governing Board shall be called at anytime by the Clan Chieftain or at the request of any member of the Governing Board and may be held in person or via the Internet A quorum of one-half of the Clan Governing Board members must vote, either in person or via the Internet, for the Governing Board to transact any business of the Society. A simple majority of the Governing Board members present once a quorum has been established is necessary for any measure to pass.

B. At any meeting held in person, Roberts Rules of Order, current edition, shall control the proceedings.

ARTICLE IV - Ownership

Each member in good standing shall have an equal share and interest in the property of the Society, and records and data compiled by the Society shall be accessible to members at whatever location (or via the Internet) the Society shall designate. In the event the Society is forced to discontinue activities because of lack of membership or finances, the records and properties of the society shall be given into the keeping of the Genealogy Section of the County West Meath Public Library, there to remain until the Society shall be reorganized. Failing reorganization, the Society shall convey all property to the County West Meath Public Library for the sole benefit of the Genealogy Section.

ARTICLE V - Clan Governing Board

A. The Governing Board of the Society shall consist of:

  1. Clan Chieftain

  2. Clan Counselor
  3. Clan Treasurer
  4. Clan Genealogists
  5. Clan Scribe
  6. Clan Webmaster
  7. Clan Membership Chairperson
  8. Clan Historian

B. The CLAN CHIEFTAIN shall preside at all Clan gatherings and meetings of the Clan Governing Board. He or she shall appoint all officers and standing committee-chairpersons, as needed, prior to the first Clan Governing Board meeting of the year and attend these meetings as a member ex officio. He or she will appoint special committees as need arise and appoint-all delegates as needed.

The Clan Chieftain shall stand for election every five (5) years and must be a descendant of the MacGeoghegan Family, regardless of surname. Any member in good standing may nominate another member in good standing, or themselves, for chieftain. Any candidate for Clan Chieftain must submit their nomination to the Clan Scribe at least ninety (90) days prior to the election. The Clan Treasurer shall set the dates for the election period and oversee the voting process. The new Chieftain will be announced and inaugurated m West Meath, Ireland on the ancient MacGeoghegan site as history mandates.

C. The CLAN COUNSELOR shall perform the duties of the Clan Chieftain in his or her absence or inability to serve. He or she should be a licensed attorney at law-and/or solicitor, if possible.

D. The TREASURER will maintain a simple bookkeeping journal; will collect dues and all monies collected for the Society and deposit same to the credit of the Society in a bank designated by the Clan Governing Board; pay all bills and check bank balances at the end of each month, and assume responsibility for issuing membership renewal notices every October in cooperation with the Clan Scribe. The Treasurer will make out a written report monthly and will maintain accurate list of all members of the Society, the status of their dues, and names and addresses of those with whom there exists an exchange agreement. Itemized reports are to be put on file, available to members at all times.

E. The CLAN GENEALOGISTS shall be responsible for responding to all member inquiries regarding genealogical research. The Clan Genealogists shall further be responsible for maintaining the Clan database of the MacGeoghegan families; and for producing a full genealogical account of the MacGeoghegan Clan.

F. The CLAN HISTORIAN shall be responsible for collection and maintenance of all legends, folklores, and traditions of the MacGeoghegan families.

G. The CLAN SCRIBE shall attend to the production of the Society’s quarterly newsletter. The Clan Scribe shall further keep the official minutes of all Governing Board meetings and maintain the Governing Board’s official records. The Clan Scribe shall also work with any other Governing Board Member in the development of Society programs, new publications, notices, and/or public relations.

H. The CLAN WEBMASTER shall be responsible for the Society’s presence on the World Wide Web. He or she shall create and maintain a web-presence for the Society and coordinate the Society’s efforts to maximize use of the Internet to facilitate the objectives and purposes of the Society, as expressed above.

I. The CLAN MEMBERSHIP CHAIRPERSON, upon direction from the Clan Treasurer, shall be responsible for notification of annual renewals and the maintenance of an updated membership list. Additionally, he or she shall be responsible devising means and methods to increase membership within the Society through a Membership Committee.

J. The CLAN REUNION CHAIRPERSON shall organize, coordinate and work with the members of the Reunion Committee and/or Governing Board in preparation for the Clan Reunion(s). He shall establish an itinerary and make all necessary arrangements for all Clan Reunion(s). He shall also serve as the Society’s Master of Ceremonies during the Clan Reunion(s). However, the Reunion Chairperson is not authorized to expend Society funds and/or bind the Society to any agreement or contract with out the express approval of the Governing Board.

K. Any additional Governing Board position, as may be deemed necessary in the future by the Clan Chieftain, shall be elected by a majority vote of the Clan Governing Board at any membership meeting.

L. Each Governing Board position, including Clan Chieftain, shall be open to any member in good standing.

M. Each Governing Board position, other than Clan Chieftain, shall be appointed by the Clan Chieftain and shall serve thereafter at the pleasure of the Clan Chieftain. There shall be no limit to the number of years an individual may serve in a given office.

N. No Governing Board member (or Society Member) may take it upon himself or herself to spend or promise monies belonging to the Family Society. All expenses to be reimbursed must first be approved by a majority vote from the Clan Governing Board. Records and receipts of all monies and expenditures are to be kept by the Clan Treasure and reported to membership at large on a yearly basis. At no time will members be paid for contributing or shipping their family materials or any costs involved in acquiring said materials.

ARTICLE VI - Membership

Membership categories:

  1. Individual: entitled to all privileges of membership.

  2. Family: Spouses and minor children — entitled to two (2) voting rights and one (1) each of VI, C: 1-5.

A. Membership within the Society shall be open to any person regardless of surname.

B. To be a member in good standing, all dues must be paid in full.

C. Becoming a member in good standing shall entitle the member to:

  1. A certificate signed by the current Chieftain, showing the family crest

  2. Issues of the Society’s quarterly publication
  3. A copy of the Society by-laws
  4. Notification of all Society events
  5. Notification of any special offers made by the Society
  6. The right to vote in all Society Elections

D. The Society reserves the right to expel any member upon a super majority vote (2/3) of the Clan Governing Board. In the event a member is expelled, a prorated refund of the individual’s membership dues shall be returned within thirty (30) days.

E. Honorary membership may be conferred upon any person by the Clan Governing Board, but only upon unanimous vote.

F. Exchange agreements may be entered into with other genealogical groups, whereby there is an exchange of publications. These agreements may be made by any member of the Clan Governing Board without a vote of the Governing Board, unless a financial obligation would be incurred. In case of a financial obligation, the Clan Governing Board must approve the exchange agreement by simple majority vote.

G. A membership certificate may be requested in the name of more than one person (i.e. Mr. & Mrs. James C. MacGeoghegan). However, an individual membership will be entitled to one vote only.


A. There shall be three (3) dues rates, dependent upon information delivery:

  1. Regular Mail Service - $20.00 (U.S.): A member will receive all Society notices and information via regular mail service. A member may also request e-mail delivery at no additional charge

  2. Internet e-mail Service - $15.00 (U.S.): A member will receive all Society notices and information via-electronic mail only
  3. Lifetime membership $100

B. Beginning in 2001, dues payments for all active members shall become due as of January 1st.

C. A person may become a member by paying dues at any time during the calendar year. However, there shall be no pro-ration of dues for one who becomes a member after January 1st of a given year, and dues for said person shall again be due and payable as of January 1st of the next calendar year.

D. On February 1st of any calendar year in-which a member has failed to remit his or her dues, the member’s name will automatically be removed from the Society’s mailing list.


A. There shall be at least one Annual Meeting of the Clan Governing Board in July of each calendar year. In every year ending in “0” or “5”, the Annual Meeting shall be held in County West Meath, Ireland, where the election and installation of the Clan Chieftain shall take place.

B. All Annual Meetings, or special meetings, shall be open to all members in good standing.

C. Any Annual Meeting or special meeting other than the Annual Meeting in a year ending in “0” or “5” need not-be held in person and may be held via the Internet

D. In addition to the Annual Meeting, a monthly meeting may be held via the Internet on the first Saturday of each month from January to December.

E. Special board meetings may be called by the Clan Chieftain, or upon the request of any officer or member in good standing. The call for a special board meeting must state the business to be transacted and no business other than the one specified shall be transacted.

ARTICLE IX - Revisions or Amendments

A. The by-laws may be revised or amended at any meeting by a majority vote of all members present and voting; the proposed revision or amendment having been submitted in writing and read to members or mailed to the members previous to the date set for the vote.

ARTICLE X - Standing Committees

A. Standing Committee Chairpersons shall report their accomplishments at the annual meeting, or as otherwise requested by the Clan Governing Board. Committee goals, objectives, and budget, if any, shall be reported at the first Clan Governing Board meeting of the new year.

B. The Society shall have the following permanent Standing Committees:

  1. REUNION COMMITTEE shall consist of the Reunion Committee Chairperson and any other member in good standing that wishes to serve on the committee. The Committee shall organize and coordinate the Clan Reunion(s). It shall establish an itinerary and make all necessary arrangements for all Clan Reunion(s), and shall be responsible for notifying the Clan Scribe of any and all plans.

  2. MEMBERSHIP COMMITEE shall develop means and methods to increase and retain Society membership.

ARTICLE XI - Ex Officio Positions

A. Upon appointment by the Clan Chieftain, there shall be a CLAN DOCUMENTS RECORDER. The recorder will scan and record -electronically any and all clan documents deemed worthy of preservation and make them available to Clan members and researchers. Copies on CD’s will be placed at various locations.

B. Upon appointment by the Clan Chieftain, there shall be a CLAN BARD. The Clan Bard shall produce writings and poetry for the quarterly newsletter and the Clan Reunion.

C. The Clan Chieftain shall hold the authority to further create and appoint ex officio positions as he or she sees fit.

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